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Cher Patchwork Bag






* Handmade cut out patchwork lotus flower design in earthy coloured suedes

* Bucket bag shape with long side fringe 

* Comfortably carry on your shoulder or as a cross-body style with the adjustable strap function

* Functioning through a zippered top, opening to a spacious interior including a side zip pocket and 2 open accessory pouches

* 100% cotton printed Jodi Lee lining

* Comes with a protective dustbag



* The lotus flower is considered one of the most sacred flowers because it has a life cycle unlike any other. With its roots based in mud, it submerges every night into murky river water, and—undeterred by its dirty environment—it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals

Although cultures have their own interpretations of this daily process, there is a general consensus among ancient texts that it symbolises spiritual enlightenment and rebirth

* In colour psychology, brown is honest, genuine and sincere. It relates to the hardworking, the industrious and reliable, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. It is sensual, sensitive and warm, engulfing one in a feeling of calmness and comfort

Tan (another version of brown) is ageless and timeless, straightforward, uncomplicated and natural



Height 27cm

Width 25cm

Depth 7cm

Adjustable Handle Length 80.5cm-144cm



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