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Bronte Weave Bag



* Beautiful unique patterned hobo style shoulder bag
* Body, fringe and handle is made with Burgundy Milling Goat Leather, and patterned with Cream Milling Goat Leather, Turquoise Milling Goat Leather, Earth Lambskin Leather, shell beads and brass studs
* Handle is a double plait design and flat underneath for comfort

* Interior is secured with an invisible magnet with 2 open pockets and a zippered pocket to carry your essentials

* 100% cotton printed Jodi Lee lining

* Comes with a protective dustbag



* The energy healing properties of the colour Burgundy give you great strength of character. It means that you need to stand up for yourself, a cause or another.

The meanings of Burgundy energy tell us that it is time to make a plan and make a stand, call in your allies, know if you have any. Use the energy healing properties of Burgundy when you need to pull up your deepest power reserves to be empowered for victory



Height 83cm

Width 34.5cm

Handle Length 62cm