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Rainbow Fringe Bag





* Handmade multi-coloured fringe cow suede bag

* Shoulder bag hobo style

* Hand-woven edges on a wide shoulder strap 

* Roomy interior, 100% cotton printed Jodi Lee lining with open pockets and a zippered pocket to carry your essentials

* Comes with a protective dustbag



* A rainbow is extraordinary symbol of following our hearts desire and purpose. To get to the end of the rainbow is a symbol of the celebration of that fulfilment

The end of the rainbow signifies a pot of gold and the magic that surrounds your dreams coming true

The symbolism of a rainbow intuitively tells us to hold on to hope, to believe beyond a shadow of doubt that sacred blessings open to us when we are following our hearts desire



Height (not including fringe) 39cm

Width 33.5cm 

Handle 65.5cm