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Jodi Lee Designs for Bohemian Dreamin’

Immerse yourself in your passions and success will follow you.

This is the mantra that we use at Jodi Lee. It is the thread for everything that we design.

Since 2008, we’ve been creating leather and suede accessories for women, inspired by bohemian living and a free spirit. Music, art and the ocean run through our veins and these elements inspire the clothing, boots and accessories that we craft, right here in Australia.


Handmade Designer Bags and Accessories

When it comes to boho handbags for women, there’s no destination quite like Jodi Lee. Beautifully tooled leather and soft suede give our designs a distinct style and feel.

Whether you find yourself roaming rainforests, floating across the sand or just hanging out in the sun, you’ll never want to be without one of our irresistibly luxe accessories.

All of our ladies’ leather wallets, purses and handbags are created from a unique perspective, meaning that you’ll rarely find anything else like them. Embellished with gemstones, beading and detailed embroidery, each product tells a personal story that we are proud to share. Make your everyday story-worthy with our special range of designs and start living an exciting life of enchantment today. Love and passion drive everything that we do at Jodi Lee. For gorgeous products that spread moments of magic, look to our guidance and expertise.

Online Sale for Designer Leather Bags

We are excited to announce the start of our Jodi Lee sale across a range of wonderful items. You can enjoy handmade clothes and accessories at amazing prices to meet your creative, designer-fashion needs. It is important to us that all women should be free to live out their bohemian fantasy. To make this a reality, explore our brilliant selection and get lost in what we have to offer. Shop online until your heart’s content - from unique leather handbags, wallets and pouches, to alluring jackets, skirts and sandals. Jodi Lee have the magic to make you fall in love. Contact us today to find your perfect item. Inquire about our Afterpay options for added convenience.