The art of handmade is more rare and each style may require a little extra love and care from its new owner

Here are some handy tips:

  • We provide a dustbag for every single piece at Jodi Lee and advise you keep it in this bag when not in use for extra protection
  • Hand-painted pieces are already protected and any unknown chemicals may strip the paint from the leather, this includes waterproofing
  • Scraping the leather will also scratch the paint
  • If you have purchased a suede piece and would like to use a suede protector we advise you do a patch test inside first to see if it creates a mark. Darker suedes are usually fine but lighter suede colours may need extra TLC on your end
  • Dirty marks on suede can be carefully lifted with a brand new soft bristle toothbrush and I always keep one handy for emergencies!
  • Do not ever rub dirty marks on suede…it will only make it worse. Lifting the dirt is the best solution
  • Keep away from grease and oil… suede will stain
  • Do not wear dark denim jeans with lighter suedes. I learned the hard way and even though the jeans had been washed many times this formula for an outfit is now a no go zone. If this accident does occur you can use a clean eraser on the mark. It may not remove it completely if the stain is bad but will reduce it drastically
  • Do not wash any Jodi Lee pieces
  • Keep in a cool dry room and away from constant direct sunlight
  • If your piece has a gemstone be mindful of it coming into contact with hard surfaces. We don’t want any cracks!
  • When you are out and about hang your bag on the back of your chair and not on the ground
  • If you receive a bag with fringe and it has been packed to ship to you, hang it up and gently massage to straighten the fringe. Do not pull on the suede or leather
  • If leather (not suede) is exposed to mould an everyday (inexpensive) moisturiser can be used to rub it out. This only works on napa leather and milling goat leather so please check before trying. NOTE: Moisturisers will mark and ruin ALL types of suede
  • Don't overload your bag. Heavy items put pressure on these hand-sewn pieces and they must be handled with care
  • If you want to use your bag everyday you can still keep it looking new by following these points
  • Remember each piece is carefully handmade like a work of art, and just like wearing your favourite piece of jewellery you can protect and take care with all this newfound knowledge!