Jodi Lee is a leather and suede accessories label created in 2008 by Australian designer Jodi Lee.

Inspired by beauty in nature, art, music and people, Jodi's eclectic collections are a direct reflection of her travelling bohemian lifestyle.

Growing up in Sydney by the beach, with musical and artistic parents, at an early age Jodi began sketching portraits and the outdoors as a hobby.

With the ability to turn her art into fashion, Jodi Lee pieces have become unique sought-after handcrafted accessories.

Specialising in hand-carving, Jodi has transformed her original passion for sketch art into beautiful products such as leather bags, shoes, clutches and wallets.

Embracing her love of turquoise, gemstones, jewels, hardware, beading and embroidery, Jodi decorates her pieces with a variety of patterns and colours reflecting all that is exotic, artistic and free-spirited, with a luxurious twist. 

" I begin with an idea then it becomes something else" - Pablo Picasso