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Hiawatha Fringe Bag




* Handmade long layered fringe hobo bag in Dark Tan Suede with scattered hand-carved and hand-painted feathers with tigers eye beads
* Navajo inspired design
* Comfortably worn on the shoulder with 2 flat handles
* Roomy interior boasts open pockets and a zippered pocket 
* Invisible magnet to secure bag shut on the inside at the top of bag 
* 100% cotton printed Jodi Lee lining
* Comes with a protective dustbag 



* The symbolic meaning of feathers deals with ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. Feathers were worn by Native American Indian chiefs to symbolise their communication with spirit, and to their celestial wisdom

* In colour psychology brown is honest, genuine and sincere. It relates to the hardworking, industrious and reliable, with both feet firmly planted on the ground. It is sensual, sensitive and warm, engulfing one in a feeling of calmness and comfort. Tan (another version of brown) is ageless and timeless, straightforward, uncomplicated and natural



Height 38cm (not including fringe)

Width 34cm

Handle Length 60.5cm