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Inca Bag




* Hand-painted Tan Cow Leather flap and feathers on either side, Tan Cow Suede body and handle

* Intricate hand-carved hummingbird design on the flap surrounding a Turquoise Magnesite Stone

* Can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag style using the adjustable strap

* 100% cotton printed Jodi Lee lining with open pockets and a zippered pocket to carry your essentials

* A zippered pocket on the back of the body of the bag for easy access

* Comes with a protective dustbag



* Inca is a member of a South American Indian people whose great empire centred on Peru until the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s and is famed for its complex culture

* Hummingbirds, the smallest among all birds, symbolise lightness of being, swiftness, independence, courage, sensitivity, determination, love, beauty, endurance, wisdom, vitality, hope, and enjoyment of life

* Magnesite is a wonderful relaxing and calming stone to use in meditation. It has a soothing vibration, and if you meditate with it, and specifically tune into the energy of your heart it will allow your mind to respond to the desires of the heart 

This aids you to live your life in alignment with your hearts needs and aspirations. Its vibration may help you to love yourself, and this will in most of you, increase your level of self esteem



Height 26cm

Width 33cm

Handle 131cm (adjustable strap)